What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture models can take many different forms. Here’s how ours works.

What is this exactly?

At Pura Vida Farms we focus on the production of high quality vegetables for a local community.
When you subscribe to the CSA, you’re becoming a part of the local farming process. You are investing in our farm and will share the celebrations and take on the worries that come with it. You’re buying a share of our produce and will be able to enjoy both the risks and the reward that goes with the farming lifestyle.
You can feel proud of your contribution because you are:
  • Creating a stronger relationship with where your food comes from.
  • Reducing the risk of food waste
  • Supporting a small, independent, labour-intensive family farm.
  • Helping to educate the local community about ecologically responsible farming.
  • Building community with our partner bakery Metropolitan Moose and other CSA subscribers

Which CSA package is right for you?

If your priority is value, you can’t beat the 10 week bounty!
CSa Program will be open for REGISTRATION early March 2024

Order Your CSA boxes online

Or Call or Text Kevin 807-629-2926 He will answer as soon as he returns from watering!